• Which details are requiered for a quotation?

    To be able to provide you with a precise quotation, you would need to send us the gerber data of the PCB.  If you do not have the gerber data, we can also provide you with a rough estimate based on a detailed PCB description.

  • Until when should an order arrive in order to count that day as a working day?

    When all available data and documents needed for production arrive until 9:00 am, then that day will count as a working day.

  • Which information should be kept into consideration when creating and supplying data for production?

    Under Downloads / Datasheets you can download our CUSTOMER INFORMATION DATA SUPPLY as PDF.  In this document you find all important information that can assist you when creating your data.

  • What kind of data formats can EPC ELREHA use?

    The following data formats can be used: Extended Gerber, Eagle-BRD, HPGL and DXF.

  • What is MRC and is that performed at EPC ELREHA?

    MRC is a manufacture rule check for manufacturability. It will be done at EPC ELREHA based on your PCB specifications prior to manufacturing.

  • Do you offer an express service?

    We can offer our customers an express service for prototypes for 1 to 12-layers in as little as 3 working days depending on the specifications and quantity.

  • Can you also prepare an initial sample test report?

    On customer request, we do supply initial sample test reports.

  • Do you provide printed circuits boards with UL marking?

    Yes, if it is required by the customer we can offer printed circuits boards with UL marking and with UL-C marking.

  • Which quantities can you offer?

    Due to our worldwide manufacturing locations in Germany, USA and Asia we can offer our customers from prototype to mass production.

  • Can you manufacture printed circuit boards based on a sample for which no gerber data are available?

    When the printed circuit board has not more than 2 layers and if it is unassembled, we can create digital data from it.  According to these data the circuit board can be produced.